Top 30+ Toys & Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Boys


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At four years old, boys and girls start growing in weight and height. They will also start to learn new things and develop their cognitive skills. This is the perfect time to start teaching your kid about the world around them and the best way is to use toys that provide both entertainment and learning at the same time. That is why we have reviewed the 30 best gifts for 4-year-old baby boys.

Listed below are some the best selection of cool toys and gifts that you can buy for a 4-year-old boy.

Best Gift and Toy Ideas For 4-Year-Old Baby Boys in 2021

Boys Bike.

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Cycling is a healthy and energizing activity, and boys love to ride on a cycle. At four years old, you boy will need a balance bike so that he does not fall if you are not around. So 16″ Kids Bike is a good option for your little son because this bicycle comes with training wheels. You can take the training wheels off if your little one is done learning. Make sure your stay around when your little boy takes the first few rides after removing training wheels.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch.

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Wristwatches always adore little kids. Your son will learn a lot by having a smartwatch with him all the time. A cool smartwatch will develop creativity and imagination in your son. Which toy smartwatch is better for a four-year-old boy? Once again, Vtech is back with an amazing gift option. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is a smartwatch with a camera, a timer, a calendar, a calculator, an alarm, and a stopwatch, plus so many more fun features.

Matchbox Car Set.

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Little boys will always love to have cars, and they would like to have a vast collection of toy cars. That is why you should gift them a pack of cars that has a variety of cars in them. Matchbox Gift Pack is for you if you want to give your son a pack full of cars. This gift is a perfect option for a boy turning four. Or you can order it online to give to your son on Christmas. The cars in this pack are neither too small nor too big. Your little angel can put these portable cars in his pocket.

Jumbo Connect 4.

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If you want your four-year-old to experience something new, you should look for unique and innovative toy ideas. Our recommendation is Jumbo Connect-All-4 Game Set. It is fun and entertaining; both kids and adults can play.

Truck Transport Car Carrier.

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If your little angel loves to play with cars, you have got to gift him cars every once in a while. When it comes to cars, it is ‘the more, the merrier for baby boys. So, you just need to buy a truck that comes with many cars. If you feel the same way, Truck Transport Car Carrier is your go-to option. You can buy it online (if it is available), and your baby boy is going to love this gift. The product comes with 6 cars and other roadside safety accessories.

Kids Camera Waterproof Digital.

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If you happen to be a parent to a smart baby boy that wants to capture the moment in the water, you should buy a waterproof camera to help your kid do it. If you are ready to do so, we recommend Kids Waterproof Digital Action Camera. As its name suggests, it is a waterproof digital action camera for kids that can film things in the water. Make sure you accompany your son if he wants to film anything in the water. You should only allow your son to use it if he knows how to swim. You and your son can use this camera for many other purposes.

Pretend & Play Fishing Set.

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Fishing can be fun with friends and family. Your 4-years-old son may know about fishing already if he has seen it somewhere. You can buy him fishing set to pretend to be a fisherman if your son likes fishing. If you wonder where to buy such items, do not worry anymore. You can purchase such products online. In this regard, one of the best options is Pretend & Play Fishing Set. It is a complete pretend and plays a fishing set that contains a tackle box, vest, a fishing pole, worms, an activity guide, and a fishing net. Now your little champ can dress up and join his daddy on the next fishing trip.

Kidkraft Fire Station Set.

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To improve the creativity and learning level of our children, we need to let them experience new things, such as the firefighter profession. Saving people’s lives is a heroic role for little boys. Your son may also like to pretend to be a firefighter and save lives. Kidkraft Fire Station Set is a good gift option if your boy wants to become a firefighter. This cool toy will help your four-year-old boy learn this profession closely and become a hero, a savior, and much more..

Little Tikes Jr. Jump’ n Slide Bouncer.

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Jumping is a fun activity for little children. If you have a little boy, chances are he likes to jump on sofas and beds. Jumping on sofas and beds can be risky, and a bouncer toy can be a safe alternative. Why not buy Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer if your little kids love to jump on beds or sofas. You can transform this toy into a fort by putting a blanket on the top.

Unicorn Pool Float.

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Swimming feels lovely in the summers. Some toys (such as pool floats) can make swimming more fun for children and adults. Pool floats are common, and you can find fancy pool floats for your little kid. Unicorn Pool Float is a unique and cool pool float for baby boys and baby girls. It can be a great birthday gift for your son.

Tree Climbing Kit.

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For kids, climbing a tree can be very cool. Some kids try to climb trees, but it can be risky though. If your son likes to climb a tree, why not buy a tree-climbing kit. A tree-climbing kit has all the items that a tree climber should have to climb a tree safely. You can buy Ninja Tree Climbing Holds if you have a tree at home or nearby your home.

Camping Outdoor Set.

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Some families like to go out camping, and kids enjoy being on camping. Kids can pretend to be camping if they have all the necessary things to go camping. Kids Camping Set is a great product that comes with many camping accessories. For your little son, this gift will be awesome. Please check its feature and you will be amazed.

Ride-On Crane Digger.

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Little boys love to play with construction vehicles such as cement mixers, excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and more. What they might not have seen are the mechanical alternatives to construction vehicles. For example, they do not know about mechanical digging toys. If your baby boy is into construction machinery, you should buy Mechanical Digging Toy. This unique toy will expose them to land digging, which is a fantastic activity for kids. This toy is simple and safe to use. Using it will enhance their motor skills and mental abilities.

National Geographic.

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If you are looking for educational gifts for 4-year-olds, you might like National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books, a favorite gift item for little boys and girls. If you want your little son to learn and have fun at the same time, you should order this book today. The book has an interactive question-and-answer format. Plus, its content is grounded in a child’s world.

Pogo Jumper.

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The list of the best gifts for four-year-olds includes Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun, a great outdoor activity that can finally get your baby boy off the tablet or PC. Pogo Jumper is for kids that love to jump. With this toy, your son can stand on the foam and jump on different surfaces.

Take Apart Racing Car Toys.

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A car’s tire can get flat, and changing the tire can become crucial and hard at the same time. Children do not know this fact, and they find this activity adventurous. If you want to prepare your baby boy for this future tire-changing challenge, you should teach him how it is done. One way to teach how to change a car’s tire is to gift him a Take Apart Racing Toy. Using this toy will improve his motor skills and make him strong physically.

Kinetic Sand.

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One of the best toys for 4-year-olds is Kinetic Sand. As its name suggests, it is sand for kids that can be used to make different things. Four-year-old boys love to play with Kinetic sand. If you think that your baby boy will make new things from this sand, you should order it online today. Many kids love to play with this sand, and they may spend hours playing with it..

Hand Tool Kit.

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You can do a lot of crafty stuff if you have your tools. A little kid’s mind is like a blank whiteboard. You can write anything on their mind. That is why you should only expose them to good things, and you should not expose them to bad things. A toolbox or tool kit provides children with various tools using which they can manipulate different household items. REXBETI 87pcs Young Builder’s Tool Set is that kind of tool kit that helps children learn and have fun at the same time. Do gift this toolbox to your son on his fourth or fifth birthday.

Hover Soccer Ball Set.

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When it is rainy and your baby boy cannot play on the lawn or in the street, you should have a backup plan to keep him engaged. An indoor game will help a lot in this regard. What about getting an indoor football game? The list of top gifts for 4-year-old boys includes the Hover Ball Soccer Ball Set. Little children adore this fun game.

John Deere Farm Toys.

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Farm owners have different vehicles and machinery that help them cultivate and sow. Introducing the machinery and vehicles used by farmers to your child will be awesome. All you need is to buy John Deere Vehicle Set, a fantastic 20-piece farm toy value set. John Deere Vehicle Set is suitable for children aged three years and up.

John Deere Farm Set.

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Understanding farming and making a farm is a wonderful experience for baby boys. Teaching all this becomes much easy if you have all the stuff that is required to make and run a farm. John Deere Die-cast Farm is the right gift for baby boys because it includes all the items that can be used to make and run a farm. What is included in it? John Deere Die-cast Farm is a 70-piece value playset with trucks, machine sheds, tractors, farm animals, and implements.

Whack A Frog Game.

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Whack a frog game is quite common nowadays, and many companies are selling them online. Interactive Whack A Frog is among the tremendous developmental toys available for your baby boy. We have recommended it because it combines fun and learning. Your son is going to have fun playing the whack-a-frog game if your buy this product.

Harley-Davidson Tough Trike.

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A tricycle can be one of the best toys for 4-year-old baby boys. You can find your options or just go online and buy Harley-Davidson Tough Trike. It is a well-designed tricycle that is durable and safe to ride on. With Harley-Davidson Tough Trike, your son will keep moving for hours. For birthdays and Christmas, this gift can be a good option.

Electric John Deere Tractor.

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Like other vehicles such as cars, excavators, and firetrucks, tractors can also be the favorite of your baby boy. If your four-year-old son adores tractors, you have got to buy him fun and educational tractor toy. One of the options is Ride-on Tractor by Peg Perego. It is a big toy on which your son can sit like a farmer and have fun for hours..

Dinosaur Toys.

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Dinosaur toys are pretty common these days, and your baby boy might also like to have dinosaur toys. Dinosaur Slot Car Race Track can be a suitable gift for your 4-year-old son if he wants to play with dinosaur toys. This product comes with many accessories that make this game more fun. For birthdays and Christmas, this gift can be a good option.

Walkie Talkies for Kids.

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You might have played with walkie-talkies in your childhood. It is time to bring your childhood memories to life by buying a pair again online. By gifting Walkie Talkies to your son, you will be able to play with him like a kid. Walkie Talkies is a fun and educational gift that teaches a lot to little kids. Christmas is coming, and this product can be a perfect gift for your son.

Top Race Take Apart Trucks with Electric Drill.

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Besides cars, baby boys love to play with construction machinery, firetrucks, water trucks, and more. Your son might have many cars already. On his 4th or 5th birthday, you can gift Top Race Take Apart Trucks with Electric Drill. It is a truck set that can be controlled through remote control. This product has many features that will improve the learning abilities of your child and will keep him engaged for hours. Above all, it is not costly, and you can buy it online.

Rocket Launcher.

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There are toys that all 4-year-old boys like to have. One of such toys is Play22 Rocket Launcher. It is a fun toy that also offers important lessons. At least it can take your baby boy off from smartphones, tablets, and the TV. Your son will love this gift if you buy him on his birthday. This toy tells the basics about a rocket and a rocket launcher. Shortlist this toy option if you like it.

3 in one Construction Truck.

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Buying presents for 4-year-olds can be hard for fathers if they already have so many toys. In such cases, you should look for unique and interesting toys. One of the best options is 3 in one Construction Truck, a 3-truck set for four-year-old boys and girls. Your sun will be able to control these trucks with remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are good presents for 4-year-old boys ?

    The best presents for 4-year-old boys depend on a couple of factors. Make sure that the toy is entertaining for the kid as well as provides a good learning experience. Check the list of recommended toys above for 4-year-old boys.

  • How much should I spend on buying gifts for a 4-year-old baby boy?

    It depends on your budget. You should always go for a reasonably priced gift that is age appropriate.


There are a lot of options available online which can be confusing. However using our recommendations you can buy the best possible gifts available for a kid of 4-year-old.

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