Best 30+ Toys & Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls


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Nothing is more fulfilling than buying a gift for your child, especially when its your 3-year-old princess. At 3-year-old your little girl will love any presents you will buy her but a few things are always perfect for a girl of that age. Gifts like princess costumes, Barbie Dolls and Audio Books are among the most recommended toys by child psychologists. While there are always gender-specific gifts, some tend to be the most popular for each age group. In this list we have discussed the best gift ideas for 3-year-old girls.

Listed below are some the best selection of cool toys and gifts that you can buy for your 3-year-old baby girl.

Top Gifts and Toys Ideas For 3-Year-Old Girls in 2021

Cooking And Baking Set.

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The Cooking and Baking Set is a great gift for the little girl who wants to be like her mommy in the kitchen. She can help out her dolls with the given apron and play pretends by cooking with pots and pans. There is also an option of baking cookies on a giant cookie cutter.
This is an 11-piece set that comes complete with an oven mitt. It is perfect if the baby girl is learning how to handle absolute kitchen appliances herself. All items are machine washable, which makes cleanup even easier after days spent playing around.

Water Drawing Mat.

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The Water Drawing Mat is an eco-friendly way for your little girl to have fun and create imaginative pictures over and over again. Fill the pen with water, let her draw on the mat, watch as she plays before it dries in three to ten minutes. Fill again and allow her imagination to run free.
Imagine that for hours your little girl can create and never stop. She can practice drawing on the mat, and colors will appear. The best part–the magic disappears after three to ten minutes, so she’s always ready for some fun again. Don’t miss out on this perfect gift for your Lil one.

LeapFrog Ice Cream Bliss.

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The LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart is a fun interactive toy for a 3-year-old girl that feminizes the classic icon of childhood, an ice cream truck. In addition to building her gross motor skills as she pushes the cart around with animal order cards, your little girl can help herself to light up pretend ice cream flavors and toppings by turning a removable lever on the side.
She’ll have so much fun pouring scoops of glowing blue “syrup” from a cheerful red pump and discarding them into waiting cones using a coin-operated turnstile.
Topped off with some ringette razzmatazz sounds for good measure—plus ten catchy phrases from coins deposited at the coin dispenser—it’s all plain sailing from here.

Magblock Magnetic Blocks.

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The Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks is the perfect gift for a little girl of yours. Not only does it align with STEM concepts, but it can also be used to build anything she wants.
The magnetic blocks will not limit your child’s creativity but instead enhance it. This set comes with 103 blocks, 24 triangles, 45 squares, six isosceles triangles, two hexagons, and wheels, so you have a wide range of tools at your fingertips.

Pop Beads Jewellery Set.

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The Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set is a gift that your three-year-old girl will never want to put down. It provides hours of creative, colorful play. The best gift for a baby girl comes with 270 snap beads and three hair clips, which she can choose from to make her jewelry with no string required.
This product also includes multiple rings and bracelets in different shapes and sizes, so she has the perfect accessories for any occasion.

Trampoline For Kids.

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Imagine the smile on her face bouncing up and down on this fun toy for baby girl. The Trampoline from Little Tikes is a perfect gift for your baby, giving her one less thing to worry about.
It’s designed for indoor use- let her have hours of imaginary playtime playing with friends, or she can even be their own best friend.
With a safety handlebar, you’ll rest easy knowing she’s safe as she jumps and plays. Get her this incredible gift today before it disappears- there is a limited number in stock, and we know they will sell out soon.

Stacking Game for 3-year-old Baby Girl.

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Imagine the smile on her face bouncing up and down on this fun toy for baby girl. The Trampoline from Little Tikes is a perfect gift for your baby, giving her one less thing to worry about.
It’s designed for indoor use- let her have hours of imaginary playtime playing with friends, or she can even be their own best friend.
With a safety handlebar, you’ll rest easy knowing she’s safe as she jumps and plays. Get her this incredible gift today before it disappears- there is a limited number in stock, and we know they will sell out soon.

Sandcastle – Best Baby Girl Gift.

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Where do your thoughts drift to when you hear about seashells, sandcastles, the beach? What comes to mind when you hear “sandbox?” Molds and tools for constructing elaborate structures with kinetic sand? Open-ended play where creativity is allowed to roam free?
We think it might be time for an imaginative reset! Kinetic Sand The One Only Sandcastle Set will help ease any kid’s stress after a long day at school. This Kinetic Sand kit is the best gift for a 3 years old baby girl. It includes 1lb of this moldable putty in 18 colors so she can customize her creations.

Squirrel Game.

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Your little one will love this game! The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game and Board Book Combo is a great way to get your child outside and exercising their imagination.
Spin the spinner and pick up the matching colored acorn to place from your log to “win” the game. The convenient tree-shaped board makes it easy for little fingers to choose from over 20 different colors while they’re training their memory skills.
And best of all, when you’re done playing games, just put this fun set away in a cabinet or even under their bed. This means that cleanup time only takes minutes since there’s no need for any missing pieces either.

Magnetic Doll.

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This magnetic doll toy will stimulate your toddler’s imagination while they create the perfect clothes for their little playmate. The set includes six different outfits with 27 pieces to customize their dolls’ wardrobe; the possibilities are endless!
They’ll be able to mix and match dozens of combinations that fit perfectly in their smart wooden carrying case. Get you girl this lovely gift right away.

Water Table.

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This water table is the perfect playtime toy for your little girl. It provides hours of entertainment, with a variety of different things to do. There are falling jets that activate spinning pieces and ramps for water fun; there are 2 cups that release an ocean’s worth of waves when tilted or pushed into any other body of water.
Also, there are three colorful maze pieces to explore while playing in the rain shower storm cycle. The clear strainer makes it easy to see what treasures lay beneath the surface while she effortlessly pumps gentle streams through its holes with her flipper accessory.

Sketch Etch.

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As a parent, you want to keep your little one entertained and occupied. So when you’re in a pinch and need some entertainment for your toddler while the time ticks by, don’t worry! We have just the thing for you!”
“The Etch A Sketch is an old-school favorite that never gets old. Perfect for playing on the go or at home.” A perfect girl for your 3-year-old baby girl.


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The Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard is a beautiful and creative gift for your 3-year-old child. It’s also fun and educational — match the mushroom nails to the illustrated pattern cards or let her create her design by arranging them on this pegboard with 46 colorful buttons, ten different pictures, a pegboard, and a storage tray. Let creativity come alive.

Dress Up Trunk.

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Your daughter will be pretty in pink with this Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk. Now she can be her favorite Disney heroine. Also, she can mix up all of these looks for hours of fun playing dress-up at home or on the go.
Inside there is a bright and cheerful treasure chest-styled trunk and four different dress-ups ready for your little one’s style picks from Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White.
The dresses come in an assortment of sizes so each princess can get their fit right, making dressing easy peasy; they’re machine washable dust ruffle resistant too!

Real Alike Doll.

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There are little girls worldwide, sitting in their bedrooms around a few dolls of various makers. One girl is telling her doll to drink and eat. Another has her doll giggling as she tickles its back. Prepare your daughter for life with this Baby Alive accurate as can be a baby doll that comes with 80+ lifelike expressions such as moving head when called to and naps when rocked.
This one looks like an actual baby. It also has realistic sounds like babbling, giggles, and chatter which will teach your baby girl many things. Give your little one the best toy, something she will cherish for years.

Fishing Game – Best Gift for Baby Girls.

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Nothing is better than a summer day with friends or family––and the Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Game. This open-ended game provides hours of fun on fishing trips and the deck until mama figures out how to clean up those magnetic pieces for next week.
The Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Game is fun to help children with their counting and fine motor skills. The colors are vivid, and the fish are magnetic, making them easy to pick up. It is a versatile toy for a baby girl of 3 years to enjoy!

Water Wow Bundle.

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If your three-year-old needs a way to entertain on a long trip, this “Water Wow’ bundle is the perfect toy. Included are three coloring books with 18 pages blessed with imaginative and creative scenes with lots of things going on.
It’s excellent for over-stimulated kids or those who have trouble sitting still. You can even make it more challenging by filling the pen with different colors instead of plain water.
This is also an eco-friendly alternative because you’re not wasting paper from crayons, markers, etc. Your Lil girl will be amazed at how their colors magically appear in their drawings when they fill these reusable water wow pens.

Books by Dr. Seuss.

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Classic books are the perfect gift for any little girl. The set contains classics like Cat in the Hat, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Hop on Pop. There are brightly colored pages filled with touch-and-feel elements that will bring her into this world of reading.


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Imagine your little one waking up to a brand new easel on the coffee table. She will be so excited that she can paint or draw right then and there. This will be a fantastic gift for her because it is adjustable, so she can use it for years to come.
Instead of just being limited to painting on paper, this easel will help your baby girl be creative. Also, it has magnets, so now she can make fabulous creations with even more fun ideas like decorating cards and fridge art. Get creative with the wooden kid’s art easel today.

Toddler Piano.

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Your child will have a blast playing the Toddler Piano! The keys make sounds, so she’ll be able to play them like a real piano.
On this piano, the girl can use her hands and eyes to help learn coordination and develop listening skills. She will also learn selective skill-sets such as hearing with musical instruments with this best present for three years old. The keys on this piano range from two octaves, making it easy for your toddler to find a device they want to play with.

Explorer Kit.

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The Little explorers will be able to go on their expeditions with the Outdoor Explorer Kit. The fabulous gift kit will keep the kids busy for hours and provide plenty of adventures for the backyard. The girls will love the power magnification binoculars, which let them see things clearly from farther away. It’s a cool gadget gift girls can show off to friends.
A magnifying glass lets the girls zoom in close-up details like bug eyes, ants’ antennae, and fallen leaves on a school trip. It’s perfect and worth being the best gift for a 3 years girl.

Drawing Board

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The Magna Drawing Doodle Board is the perfect toy for a child’s busy hands. Toddler girls can create their masterpiece to show off what they’ve mastered, whether it be a picket fence, a dragon, or just an abstract mix of colors.
With this drawing board, there is no need ever to repurchase ink pads. Also, it is much less messy than crafting on paper sheets. Cleanup is as simple as sliding the slider from side to side.
Now you don’t have to worry about your little one making a mess or ruining all her hard work. Protect furniture surfaces from creases by throwing down some old newspapers before letting them set out their next big project.

Princess Castle.

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The Princess Castle Play Tent will give your little princess the perfect place to play with her favorite toys. It includes a safety door that is activated by an adult stepping in front of it.
There are windows on all four sides for her friends and family to watch her in action and built-in storage if she needs somewhere for her pocketbook or gloves when the game ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are good presents for 3-year-old girl ?

    The best presents for a 3-year-old girl depend on different things. For example, if you are buying a birthday present for her then a doll or princess costume is the best option as 3-year-old girl will like these girly things. We have mentioned plenty of gifts in the list above and any of them will be a perfect gift for a 3-year-old girl.

  • How much should I spend on buying gifts for a 3-year-old baby girls?

    The amount of money you should spend on buying gifts for a 3-year-old girl, again, depends on your budget and the occasion as well as your relation. If you are a parent then you can go with something in a reasonable price range as you will be buying gifts for her every Christmas so it makes sense to be careful with your money. However, if you are not a parent then you can buy her a one-time gift that is a bit expensive, and an expensive gift will be very memorable for the kid and he would love you for it when she grows up.


We understand that you want the whole world for your beautiful daughter and we have recommended something closer to it. These fantabulous gifts will make her smile every single day because they are the ultimate best gifts for your 3-year-old girl. 

You can buy any of the gifts from the list and the beautiful reaction from your daughter will e the same. Happy bonding with your princess. She will be falling in love as soon as she opens these gifts. Another good thing is that these gifts have the potential to make your daughter equally creative. Before everything is sold out, make a purchase.

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